china town from all aspects i could stand out from my trip to san francisco, clearly the most relevant one was visiting chinatown. not the tall buildings with all the concrete and the mirrored windows. not the bay and it’s infamous golden gate bridge. not pier 39 with alcatraz closeby. not even the very sloppy streets that gives the city it’s strong character along with the victorian houses. nop, it was chinatown.

right in the middle of a crowded city a completely different one; like if the crosswalk had a teleportation property, and suddently, everything is different. different people, different stores with different articles, different restaurants, different culture, different music, even the smell was different. different.

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  1. Magister Foran says

    Hi Paulo,
    glad you liked your visit to my favourite town in the world (besides my hometown of Tuebingen, Germany, on days when I’m too lazy to imagine being elsewhere). Last time I was there was in ’03, as a treat for my birthday. Ah travels… I’d like to see my postcards travel again but alas, inactivity has killed my postcrossing account and there seems no way to reactivate it on my side. Is there any chance you could “pardon” me and reactivate “magisterforan” again? and/or introduce a mechanism on the website which allows to reactivate?

    Greetings, MagisterForan

  2. pedinchona incorporated says

    por falar em chinatown ( sim, esto ua comentar «descendentemente») que susto a foto do esconde-econde. o que vale é que toda a gente olha para as nuvens.

    já agora, ainda tens pro aí aquela a preto e branco, desfocada, ? :P

  3. tc says

    ha… the smell….