about me

Hi there! So, basics first. My name is Paulo Magalhães and I’m a 43 y.o. Portuguese nomad. I currently live in Berlin Tavira with the cutest of all girls and together we try to explore the world the best we can.

In the past I have lived in the USA (Boulder, Colorado), Netherlands (Utrecht), China (Shanghai), Slovenia (Ljubljana) and Germany (Berlin). All were great experiences and I get embarrassingly excited when I talk about any of them.

Oh, I love to receive mail! Specially postcards. So, a few years ago I started postcrossing.com to help anyone to receive postcards on their mailbox. It was meant to be a small website but it surpassed any of my best expectations. Nowadays, on average of 5 postcards are received every minute somewhere around the world due to it.

I have a degree in computer science engineering, which is a polite way to say that I’m a computer geek. I’m frequently accused of being unable to stop myself from pushing anything with buttons and can’t really deny it, I’m a millennial after all. I’m very keen on technology, in particular the online ones.

If you want to reach me, you can do it by email at: paulo at this domain name. If you want to send me a postcard, just email me for the address.