– did you grep the cvs diff patch for the 7200 and the 3745’s sev4?

– yes, and for 1700’s too. now, the dns and tftp csc’s about ttl on vrf will make this pi ready for rpc and rcp/rsh pdu’s on all uut’s.

this is how (my) technical team meetings sounds like: as if someone was trying to start world war three by launching hundreds of acronyms over the table.

and poor of the guy who decides – god forbid – to expand one single acronym: he will have a whole room of raised eyebrows. like if he was speaking in some cryptic and incomprehensible language.

2 strings to “my acronym is bigger than yours”

  1. Vicki says

    Hahaha, I actually understood most of that!! LOL

  2. annette says

    LOL! Sounds like my husband talking to me after a busy day at work.