Boulder (40°1′N 105°16′W, Mountain Time Zone) is a city located in Boulder County, Colorado, United States. As of the 2000 census, the city had a total population of 94,673. It is home to the University of Colorado at Boulder, the largest university in Colorado. Boulder’s elevation is 5,430 feet (1,655 meters) and is 35 miles (50 km) northwest of Denver.


Politically, Boulder is comparatively more liberal than most of Colorado. Boulder County, which includes Boulder’s more conservative suburbs, is 37% Democrat, 27% Republican, and 36% independent. [5] Although in Denver, Democrats hold a virtual monopoly over city politics, Boulder gains more attention for being Colorado’s liberal enclave with nicknames like ‘The Berkeley of the Rockies’ and ‘The People’s Republic of Boulder’.


Boulder has hosted a 10-km road run, the “Bolder Boulder,” on Memorial Day, every year since 1979. The race involves up to 50,000 runners, joggers, walkers, and wheelchair racers, making it one of the largest road races in the world. It has the largest non-marathon prize purse in road racing [media guide (PDF)].

Every year to mark the beginning of Spring, local radio station KBCO sponsors Kinetics, a race across land and water by human-powered vehicles timed on speed and judged for style. The idea for Kinetics was imported from Ferndale, California in 1979 and the first race was held on May 3, 1980. Since then, Kinetics has grown in size and creativity with about 20,000 spectators and dozens of teams.[40]

Every year since 1999, Boulder has hosted the Nude Pumpkin Run. Touted as “Boulder’s largest and longest running community arts project,” the Run takes place on Halloween and involves pumpkin-carving pre-run parties, after which the participants tramp to an agreed upon location, remove their clothing, place their pumpkin upon their head and run en masse through the streets. As a bacchic celebration of free expression and comradery, the Pumpkin Run strives for maximum freedom and fun with minimum impact upon the community and the urban environment. Past Pumpkin Runners have spread the tradition and scheduled runs in 2006 in Denver, Austin, and Chicago. [41]

Every Thursday in Boulder, a group of cruiser bike riders meet in an outpouring of creativity and love for bicycles. Many are dressed in delightful and outrageous costumes. Even the bikes are decorated and adorned with lights. Some bicycles even have stereos on them. “The Cruisers” believe themselves to be a non-political group whose only common aim is to spread joy. The group rides year round, though numbers vary greatly from week to week.[42] [43]


The open spaces in Boulder are spectacular and extensive. There are ample opportunities for hiking, biking and rock climbing. Most of the trails are a short drive from the city. The trails vary in difficulty: some are quite easy while there are some that are technically challenging. A trail map is available online or from a variety of local retailers. The City of Boulder Open Space website is a great resource for information about outdoor activities and volunteer opportunities.“, from

In general, though, Boulder is a high desert with only about twelve inches of moisture annually. Since we average about three hundred and twenty days of sunshine a year, that is not surprising. Our snow, even when deep, is dry and light. We live in what is called the Banana Belt of Colorado; snow doesn’t last long on the ground, and warm sunny days are common in winter. That they alternate with scathingly cold winter wind and snow is an acceptance which must be made. Nevertheless we are not to be mistaken for, say, Buffalo. In summer, a typical day starts pleasantly before biodegrading into brief afternoon thunderstorms which can be exciting. Autumn features our clearest weather, with warm days, cool nights, and spectacular views of mountains and foliage. Winter can go either way, but on average is bearable and often beautiful. Spring can provide snow into June along with some days of strong wind, and is considered bracing.“, from boulder international hostel.

The city adopted a no-growth policy in the 1960s, buying up a green belt around the community to block encroaching sprawl.

Popular spot for outdoor sports such as mountain biking, ballooning, rock climbing and skiing.“, from

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