she was what he always dreamed for. he, he was what she always dreamed as well, so life was good; but not everything was perfect, there was a problem: they didn’t spoke a common language. they felt incomplete because they couldn’t say all they wanted to their loved one.
but, love can move mountains they say, and they were the perfect example of it. caring so much for each other, magic came into play and has built an enchanted device that translated their languages.
on a normal story, they would had lived happily ever after, but this is no normal story, so they got divorced some years later. nevertheless, what is relevant here, is how it all started.

leonard and sandra managed different computer networks at standford university, that, not only were apart, but also used different and incompatible technologies. they were unable to communicate with each other and that didn’t pleased them, so they started working on a device that would connect both networks. the result, was a blue box – that nowadays is known as router – and the cisco systems company, which 7 years later was worth $170 million, back in 1990 when they moved away from it.
that’s how it all started, more or less, and i kinda like the idea that i’m gonna work for a company that started from a love story. although unknown to many, cisco is one of biggest giants and is today leading company on internet networking devices. if one thinks that pretty much every single bit of information that travels on the internet (e.g. take this text for instance) crosses several cisco devices, before it arrives at our computers, then it becomes more obvious how present and relevant cisco is in our daily life and why they grew so fast: the internet boom was the cisco boom, in a way.
according to fortune magazine, it’s the 25th best company to work for. well. might be just a number, but that’s pretty much what i’m about to become, a number. with 37k employees, it will be quite a jump from my previous job where we were only 7, me and boss included.

adding to that, the fact that i’m about to cross the atlantic ocean and move to a different continent, then one can imagine how big is the leap, at least for me. for the last 9 months of this year, i’ll be living in boulder, in the american state of colorado. more about it, on my next post – now keep practicing your uncertainty avoidance level.

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  1. Teo says

    super awesome!
    many thanx for the email, that was pretty cool!

    wishing you the best of luck — sent you a hi5 msg, too, perhaps you have the time to say sumthin??

  2. tc says

    ; )

  3. Ula says

    This story is absolutely fantastic!
    I’ve got here when I was surfing Internet.
    I’m a member of your amazing project POSTCROSSING.
    (my login is ulpa). And I only want to congratulate you! And this site is also nice….mysterious…magic(?)

    So take care Paulo!
    And don’t stop doing things you like! :)
    Best wishes from Poland,
    Ula(ulpa on Postcrossing)

  4. Ula says

    and only one more thing!
    I also like UNDERWORLD film.And I have weblog but in Polish(some words are in english;p)

  5. nrrdgrrl says

    hey paulo! fantastic to see you work for the same company. hard work – good money – many opportunties. if you ever get stuck, pls contact me. it really helps to have friends across the company. my heartfelt advice is to work on that, laddy!
    and if you ever need a new continent… cisco south africa urgently needs more qualified people :) really. that’s why we are here.
    all the best over there and we expect to see a ski champ next year :D

  6. Melissa Axel says

    What a great story and perspective on what brought you here. I live in Denver and visit Boulder several times a month. What an interesting place! I enjoyed your other post about Boulder as well. Found your blog through someone referencing postcrossing on =)