Doesn’t mater religion, beliefs or race. It can happen to anyone. And despite everybody knowing this for a fact, everybody still falls on the very same mistake: we all prefer not to think about it, and just assume that they will always be there, side-by-side, till the old age. Until it happens.
So one day, we feel inside a space that is completely empty, a big hole that makes all the difference on the daily life. I’m still not certain about how I’ll cope with all this – people says that time cures everything, but I find it hard to believe. I miss my tooth a lot.

2 strings to “reality check”

  1. marta says

    Olá Paulo, é a Marta, do “umjornal”.
    Acabei por descobrir este cantinho e as tuas fotos, de que gosto bastante :)
    Então e o artigo do bookcrossing, já leste?

  2. ja_sabes_kem says

    to have or not to have a tooth. there is the hole.