Portugal is a place where people are used to eat well. Very well. Not only the meal time is a moment to sit around a table, with time and a nice warm meal, Portugal has one of the best gastronomy’s in the world.
Despite all that, young people are known for not having very healthy food habits, in particular the students who live by themselves during school time. Usually this is even worse between male students that live together and find out that the amount of recipes they manage to do successfully is quite low. Even counting with the microwaves ones.
Some become avid fast-food consumers, others re-invent the concept of breakfast cereals, but only a few really try to cook on a regular basis. From this last group, I’ve seen a lot in the past 5 years, but I’m not going to rant about that now.

I happen to live with an excellent cook. Not only he enjoys eating well – like me and any portuguese -, but he also enjoys cooking and does it in a way capable of blushing quite a bunch of so called professional cooks. Each meal is not only a pleasure to both eyes and mouth, but cooking is also a constant place for improvisation being the surprise one of the ingredients he masters best.

I know I’ll miss this one day.

4 strings to “the fast-food terminator”

  1. galinha orgulhosa do seu sangue says

    gosto especialmente do arroz de cabidela anémico :D

  2. Sarah says

    I am jealous. I wish my husband were more like your roommate.

  3. Jorge Laranjo says

    Salmão grelhado à la fueg0 last thursday night in the 4ºG :D

  4. booklover says

    Um dia que tenha de sair de casa, espero encontrar um companheiro assim, que saiba cozinhar porque se depender de mim, morremos de fome!