Yesterday, was one of those days when it’s easy to catch me with a distante look and a stupid smile drawn on the face: it was exactly one year since I returned from my 6 month exchange period in The Netherlands. From time to time, watching someone riding a bike, seeing a windmill, or a simple mention to it reminds me of how much I miss it and how much I want to return there. It’s on days like this that I restart making plans to return, while wondering why I’m still here and why I didn’t return already.
On any other day, I just want to return there.

PS: sometimes I thank myself for not owning a credit card.

4 strings to ““windmills of your mind“”

  1. Karin says

    paulo, you make me smile. this morning I looked at the weathermap of Europe. I wanted to be anywhere in the yellow (10-15Celcius), one of those places was Portugal!! How I wish I would feel warm sunshine on my face now :)

  2. Karin says


  3. Paulo says

    Indeed. The weather is one of the best reasons to live in Portugal. The other one is the food. Damn… we eat quite well in this country :)

  4. darae says

    man, i wish i could be there too… but the beer.. oh, the beer is definetely not a reason to live there…