Some time ago, for some odd reason, I decided to reach my building rooftop. People are not supposed to go there so the passage is closed, but I didn’t see anything wrong about that (other than my own safety) so I’ve kept my intentions. At some point, it became a personal challenge and I was ready to learn lock picking, elevator mechanisms and whatever it was necessary to reach it. But, it turned out that there is a fairly easy way to reach it after all. So much the better for me.
Once up there, there are only two things to see: the building chimneys and the view around. Usually, I like to put them together. That is, to sit on top of a chimney and watch the view, if possible, at night with an hot drink between my hands. The seven floors might not be as impressive as the petronas towers, but it has a nice view over my university campus, and a big part of the city. At night, all those nearly-almost-there fading lights mix up with the moving ones from the cars forming a live city map. It’s quiet up there, so once in a while I go there to relax, to think, or just because I don’t have anything better to do.

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  1. joaquimgilvaz says

    não me recordo como cheguei à tua página, mas já que atraquei neste bom porto, felicito-te pela imagem e design muito agradáveis e de fácil manejo…

    sempre quis ter um destes…:P

    dei também uma olhadela pelas diferentes secções. Vejo que tens bom gosto literário, e musical (kings of convenience ;P)…