The next person to accuse me of lacking in ambition will have to put up with me.

5 strings to “tough decision”

  1. ja_sabes_kem says

    e comigo tambem!! tenho orgulho em te ter(?).. bem.. em ser tua amiga :=)

    és muito especial paulo.

  2. booklover says

    Paulo quando publicas as fotos do encontro do bookcrossing? anda lá, quero ver…

  3. brendadada says

    The idea “lack of ambition” is a plot to make people think they have to join or enjoy the rat race. I’d steer well away from any of it if I were you. Ya basta! :)

  4. Wang says

    yo, forgot to congratulate your Eindhoven, here it is, CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. TreeFrog says

    Awesome blog you have. I enjoyed reading it this evening.