It’s not a very good year for selling chestnuts, miss E. said. She is 73, and spent a big part of them doing it so she ought to know. She started by helping her relatives and through the years she sold at almost every city in the country. There isn’t anything relevant about chestnuts that she doesn’t know about.

First, offered me two extra chestnuts. Because I was friendly she said. Then, gave me big beautiful smile when I asked to take some pictures of her. I’ve promissed her a copy. I hope she likes it.

2 strings to “chestnuts in autumn”

  1. Anonymous says

    É por essas e por outras que eu gosto tanto de ti! A simplicidade está-te no sangue! Obrigada por tudo!

  2. ana. says

    the other day i developed and printed some pics of her as well. :| i guess she’s getting famous.