Some of my friends would say I’m a plan maker by nature. Truth is, I hate to make plans, but I dislike even more the consequences of not making them. I would rather toy with a plan at it’s own speed and give birth to it when we both think it’s ready. I don’t see this has a passive attitude although I know this has as much of wishful thinking as naiveness.

My future is starting to stumble on me and plans are required so that I don’t fall but rather lift off. Faster that I wished, my last school semester is running towards it’s end, and with that the closer is my internship and graduation. Delaying this for another year sounds appealing but I can’t afford that. Rather, my parents can’t afford having me another year in the university. I need to get rid of this feeling of being such a weight to them and perhaps even pay them back somehow to justify why they did so many sacrifices to allow me to do what I wanted. For that, I’m the one that has to do some sacrifices now: this semester expects me to work like mad while at the same time I’m craving for some vacations. Maybe I’ll have to make some plans to have some at some point.

(Meanwhile, posting should get back to normal in the next days. It has been raining on my raft lately so I’ve decided to suspend posts for the sake of the blog itself.)

One string to “planning the plans”

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