The Japanese colour is not only elegant, smart and delicate, it also shows another quite clear aspect. First of all Japanese people have an intuitive and flat chromatic perception and apparently they don t see the colour in the daylight as Westerners do. Even the deep and bright colours or the delicate and light ones – more then the glares of the lights and the shadows – are decided on the basis of the meaning of the colour that a particular object has or on the perception of it. […] This book together with the itinerary exhibition and the web site shows it in a complete form. The project moves its first steps from the desire and the need to show the immense seductive power of the illustrators living and working in Japan. MONDOFRAGILE is above all a homage to the visual Japanese culture. It is an unconditional love declaration to that millenary tradition and to its continuous ability to renew and widen the borders of the visual world. The selection criterion of the artists represented in the book is strictly emotive; we have chosen images and pictures able to struck our senses, those where the visual effect, the perception of the forms and the chromatic choice involve more the emotional sphere then the logic one.

from the introduction of the book Mondofragile (fragile world)

The creator of this book is an Italian design/animation company called Delicatessen that putted together 400 works of 24 Japanese artists. Now, they created another book called Mascotte! which does not only have illustration works but also reaches several other fields of design, photography, advertising works and more.

Still on the illustration line, check the results of this contest which had for the theme, Gary Larson’s work The far side.

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