i’m not very good at packing bags for long trips. i always take ages doing it and go over the items way too many times to double-triple-check everything. on the good side, i usually don’t miss anything important for the trips. usually anyway.

i just spent the last few hours packing – tomorrow i’ll be flying back to portugal for a two week holiday. quite eager on catching up with friends and family and all the goodies i miss here in china. the food, the good coffee, the proper driving, the food. oh, and the real egg tarts!

but, can’t avoid thinking how much of a reverse cultural shock is going to take place. a year in china did change me and my view about things. curious to see how it goes this time.

merry christmas everyone! :)

3 strings to “leaving on a jet plane”

  1. Ana says

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Ana says

    I like this! New year, new blog! YEAHHH!



  3. Teo says

    smooth new layout, Congrats!
    am liking it a lot, the only thing i might think of suggesting would be a new touch of colour, if you find it suitable, something from the “warm” scale, e.g. orange, yellow… (?)