some people use their 15 minutes of fame to change the world in a positive way. the kind that has the nerves to stand up and shout to those who are blind, making the world step forward in a better direction. even if that can be dangerous to their own life. wafa sultan is one of those persons which i can only admire.

others, just use their share of fame to spread their own mind numbness to others.

and you? how will you use your 15 minutes of fame when you’ve the chance?

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  1. jenny jaffe says

    Just wanted to compliment you on the postcrossing website I stumbled upon. I love it when people have a great idea and manage to realize it well. (I’m also a fan of which is a litlle bit similar, except it’s an exchange of people, not of cards..

  2. Ula says

    If I had my 15 minutes of fame I would change a world to a better place, I suppose. I would try to help people to make their dreams come true.
    Like you. Greetings from postcrossing- ulpa.

  3. Sara Smith says

    I think this is a good proped for all people to consider. If you had 15 minets of the worlds attention what would you do. I think I would stress the matter of equal rights to all people, like people who love and want to marry the same gender should be. we shouls all be able to perue happnes. i dislike that our country (America) is saying we have equal rights for every one and we are all good like that but truly if we would take a minuet to consider, we really don’t.

  4. duarte says

    I don’t even know what I want to be when I grow up…even less what I would do with 15 min…:-(

  5. Belinha fernandes says

    Olá!!Fiz um post sobre o teu site a que achei imensa piada.Que continue a se rum sucesso!:-)

  6. Diana says

    i dont wanna be famous not even for 15 minutes.

    can you send me a postcard? thanks !

  7. duarte says

    ai…se as entrevistas apenas durassem 15 min…

  8. aitb says

    Um post genial… o abismo entre o primeiro video e o segundo.. deixa mto q pensar…ups.. tinha-me eskecido.. as mulheres não pensam.. lolol…

    Qto aos 15 min de fama.. well… acho q ainda há mtos minutos anónimos igualmente importantes.. Estou a lembrar-me do meu pai q salvou a vida a uma criança, pois corajosamente lançou-se ao mar e impediu q se afogasse.. e o curioso, é q mesmo sendo homem.. ele não parou 1 segundo para pensar. ;)

    Gostei mto de conhecer o teu espaço e parabêns pelo projecto do postcrossing.. :)

    i’ll be back.. often!

    au revoir

  9. summer says

    hello,in the rui]s blog i see that soon you will go to china?im chinese but now live in lisboa.and soon i will go back to shanghai too.Good look!