snapshot of what i’m studying this days:

Step 5. Routers exchange DBDs listing the LSAs in their LSD by RID and sequence number.
Step 6. Each router compares the DBD received to the contents of its LSDB. It then sends a LSR for missing or oudated LSAs. Each router responds to its neighbor’s LSR with a LSU. Each LSU receives an ACK.

sigh. could be worse… right?

4 strings to “my acronym is bigger than yours II”

  1. Paul Hanson says


    Postcrossing is the second greatest website ever (second only to Wikipedia.) I thank you for making the world that much cooler. I hope I have the privilege of meeting you.

    Paul Hanson
    Floral Park, New York

  2. Boulderite Tuga says

    O meu é maior.
    JPCAS, de STB, PT, formado no IST/UTL, presente dps de um vôo da BA LIS-DEN com escala em HTW e orgulhosamente do SCP (mas tmb do VFC)!

  3. Late says

    It could be worse – I’m taking a course in VHDL, which stands for VHSIC Hardware Description Language, where VHSIC is an acronym for Very-High-Speed Integrated Circuit.

    The core of my studies is in network routing protocols and multimedia transmission and there’s a lot of acronyms there… IGMP, RTCP, ICMP, DHCP, OMG…

  4. SharnAtlanta says

    Just wait until you get to QOS (Quality of Service)! Happy tech studying :-)

    And many thanks for Postcrossing!!!!!! :D