three months later and the line between strangeness and difference is finally thick. dryness and high altitude quickly turned to be trivial details and, instead, trying to understand the other sides of things became the real deal, as expected. with 6 months more to go here, life is finally going under my own pace, rather than dominated by the constrains of a just arrived foreign with no luggage or a place to call home to. after some initial hurdles, new goals are set, and i’m making my way to them.
having said that, i hope to continue posting on a regular basis again from now on. here are some bits and pieces to catch up.

  • boulder has revealed itself as a cozy, beautiful, living city; in general, people are nice and friendly, and with a relaxed attitude. it’s completely away from the concrete madness, and makes the best out of it: it’s calm, full of green spaces and places to ride a bike or just for a stroll. people here keep repeating to me that boulder is not a good sample for the country, on a good way that is – i start to believe that.
  • work has reached a new phase now: time to take a full breath and take the best out of the few months i’ve ahead; more than the present, my future depends a lot on how good i use my time here. must use my head on this one and not let the boat float it’s own way down the river.
  • the postcrossing project has celebrated its first anniversary a few days ago. yep, 365 days of postcard sending and smile firestarter around the globe. but 365 is just one of numbers on this equation:
    • 2 times the bbc network mentioned the project;
    • 3 different servers;
    • 49 users believe their gender is ‘other’ than male or female;
    • 106 postcards were sent to me congratulating for the project anniversary;
    • 125 countries joined the project;
    • 2968 replied emails to users questions;
    • 10500 scanned postcards and displayed at the flickr gallery.
    • 11764 users are participating in the project;
    • 135000 posts in the forum;
    • 163073 postcards were successfully received;
    • 965121098 kms were travelled by postcards;

    needless to say that i’m still amazed how big this grew. how many times did i say this anyway? well, that’s just another number.

2 strings to “in the big rocky candy mountains”

  1. Ana Sílvia says

    Não me conheces, mas eu faço uma breve apresentação, o meu nome é Ana Sílvia tenho 24 anos e moro em Peniche, Portugal.
    Queria te dar os meus sinceros Parabéns pelo sucesso do teu projecto. Tomei conhecimento através de uma amiga e aderi logo. Adoro receber e enviar postais.
    E sendo um projecto de um português é um privilégio. Continua assim…
    Beijinhos fofos

  2. Michelle Nascimento says


    My goal is to become #1 in All-Time users and #1 in current users. I think your postcrossing project is an amazing idea. I would love to donate some of my time to you if you have the need. I would love to assist you with anything at all! Let me know.

    If you have a banner for postcrossing please share it with me. I would love to advertise postcrossing on livejournal for you. I have a lot of free time on my hands! :)