mazda 323
because for me, she’s above all things.

4 strings to “her postcards”

  1. ana says

    “furo o dedo
    faz um pacto comigo
    um segundo teu no meu
    por um segundo mais feliz”


  2. Vitor Castro says

    Continuas especial…
    Assim deixas a tua marca sempre presente na simplicidade do que realmente é importante.
    Abraço amigo!

  3. Teo says

    i still didn’t really get how you feel about your States experience… don’t hesitate to write whenever you have some time please!!

    hugs from Bucharest!!

  4. Yvy says

    Popped over from the postcrossing forum. :) *I’m one of your many ‘children’*

    Just wanted to say that I love this pary of ur side bar…”dreaming about, your hand on mine”

    found that sweet… :)