When one goes abroad, after a while he comes to learn differences with his home country. Some are obvious, some don’t. But he hardly gets a grip on a few if he doesn’t question himself about it.
Some of this less obvious facts have come to my attention during the international management workshop I recently did. Factors like individualism vs collectivism or the power distance are important, but the one who caught me was the uncertainty avoidance level. Not only this one measures a quite important characteristic, but also portuguese are quite bad at it, in the sense that we do very poorly when dealing with uncertainty. I must confess that at first i didn’t agree with this statement myself, but after some thinking i could only agree. Moreover, this past weeks i had my own evidence of it – i’m quite portuguese on this matter.

Although my possible destination for the next 9 months has already been told to me some weeks ago, only now i’m posting about it. Why? Because I was uncertain about it. Still am. And although i had some logic reasons to be so (i had to pass some extra tests and interviews in the meanwhile), fact is that i don’t deal very well with it – both emotional and rationally. And this reflects here.

To sum up, and this is a personal fact and not really a portuguese thing, i tend not to blog much when too much is uncertain on my life. It took me a bit to realise this fact but i plan to fight it. As in what comes to you – the reader – i wish you only the best, thus, you must pratice your uncertainty avoidance level because i’m only giving more details on my destination on my next post. :)

2 strings to “big bold question mark, revisited”

  1. Teo says

    I miss you, Paulo…

  2. Helga says

    I!ll miss you great Genio Paulo.
    Mas… ao cruzares o Atlântico estarás mais perto do meu continente….
    E quem sabe esta distante ilha do Atlântico Sul possa um dia receber-te para aquela camarão “al mare” com amigos recem conquistados.
    Segue tranquilo Paulo em busca de teus sonhos e com a ajuda de Deus.
    Tua admiradora
    Helga Zimmermann.