My keenness to move abroad is not something new, but it’s not something bond to happen in all of a sudden. Usually it’s something that takes time, consideration, preparation and lot’s of search from the available options. Usually.

But this last few days, my life changed a-lot. So, let’s see.

During this week I had to choose between quitting my nice job (with a 48 hours notice – not a very nice thing) against turning my life into a big bold question mark. I’ve chosen the question mark :)

This next two weeks I’ll be attending to an international management workshop in Porto and only by the end of it, I’ll be told what country/city/company I’ll work for 9 months later this year. In between, I’ll be working for about 6 weeks somewhere in Portugal. Location also unknown at present date.

To sum up: this year I’ll live in at least in 3 different (unknown) cities and work at two different (also unknown) companies.

Oh, and in the middle of all this, I was invited to go to a TV show to speak about my postcrossing project. How I will fit that in the middle of all this changes is to be discovered. More details soon :)

8 strings to “at your marks… go!”

  1. Sofia says

    “leaving on a jetplane”.. someday it will be my turn!
    sim, é verdade, invejo-te um bcd… cumprimentos de uma colega (quase) engenheira ;D

  2. Darae says

    hey, congrats for the the new job! i am so happy for you, it sounds like a great opportunity, i hope that it will take you to a really distant, far far away country!

  3. ana says

    congrats, buddy! :)
    we’re too proud of you, beyond words… you know it! :P

  4. Moushumi says

    Hi Paulo, I’m a postcrosser from India. The post crossing project is a great idea. Though, I do wish I would get more postcards than the ones I send!

    If you like your job then you shouldn’t quit it. The question mark sounds like a great place to be! I myself am in a similar position. Take care!

  5. Nuno Pereira says

    Congratulations, i hope you find something you like.
    I’m portuguese, also almost engineer (also LESI, you know me) and i heard about a project similar to the one you told. Can you share with us what project is it?

  6. Jorge Laranjo says

    Quando fores à TV avisa para te ver :D

  7. Brenda says

    Hi Paulo! I’m also a postcrosser, from Texas, USA. I just discovered the postcrossing site. IT’S A WONDERFUL IDEA! You’re job sound interesting. Do you get to change locations periodically?

  8. Helga says

    Parabéns Paulo segue firme ,ainda terás muitos desafios e convites em tua vida.
    O importante é que tens genialidade,humildade e um grande coração.
    Estarei torcendo por ti !