Henri Cartier-Bresson, Rue Mouffetard, 1954
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Rue Mouffetard, Paris, 1954

PS: I’ve upload some of the photos I’ve scanned last friday. Check them here.

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  1. Darae says

    hi hi,

    i like your new set of photos. especially the night shots! do you still remember how many seconds you chose for the aperture?

    funny, do you remember that i had the postcard with the boy on Rue Mouffetard on my wall in Utrecht? for me, this image embodies perfectly what Cartier Bresson ment with “the decisive moment”… i posted something about on my blog…


  2. victor says

    Pois é, acho que encontraste um bom meio de mostrar a tua veia de artista.Dizem que todos temos um dentro que nós…
    Tens muito jeito pelo menos para apanhar bons momentos fotográficos.

  3. Paulo says

    Hey Darae!
    Your wall, like your bedroom, was kinda of a mistery to me at that time. ;)
    About that night photo, I think it was 2 seconds (thanks to a lamppost that helped) at the maximum apperture (1.8).
    To be honest, I was afraid that it would be blured due to the forced (no tripod) tight depth of field. The contrast came out nice, though.

  4. Paulo says

    Victor… deve ser mais um capilar :)
    Mas obrigado de qualquer forma.