While I was in Utrecht, Kuba had the unfortunate idea of trusting his room keys with Rob, when he went home for Christmas holidays. Of course Rob wouldn’t let that pass by. And so wouldn’t we, :P.
I can’t imagine Kuba’s face when he arrived from Poland at 5am after a 30 hour bus ride and entered the room to find all his items in a single square meter column in the center of the room. And I really mean all of his room items, from his bed to his desk and bicycle: everything got piled up carefully, lego-like, and – this is quite important – tied up with toilet paper.

Do you think that was a cool prank? Try this one. (via meia de leite).

And last, but not least, duct tape wall tapings: get a friend, some meters of duck tape and then… duct tape your friend to a wall. Or ceiling. Whichever makes more sense. Or less.

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