Get some PHP documentation. Add time and patience q.b.. With a flashlight, poke for bugs for some days and finally attach everything together with some duck tape. The outcome might very well be something nice. Or maybe not.
Either way, here it is. A new design and structure to my homepage. This time with a shinny new domain and containing a weblog. It took me quite a while to put this one up and running although most of the time was spent taming some of the IE esoteric features (a.k.a. bugs): believe me, it was quite an adventure.

The photo section is still work in progress: I need to scan some photos asap and then I’ll decide exactly what to do about it. Meanwhile, I’ve uploaded some photos to a flickr account which, btw, is a quite nice way to share photos online. Their flash organizr-thingy makes the creation of photo albums an extremely easy task.

The big news about this new structure is obviously the blog. Older posts than this one were imported from my livejournal which now permanently moved to here. For the ones who followed me there, the only changes will be in format: now, posts will swing between English and Portuguese according to topic or mood. I hope that my English will be up to it.

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