being back to portugal after 2 years of shanghai is sometimes, a bit like being on drugs. a sample:

– look, look! the sky, is so blue!
– wow! it’s really… blue!
– and so many different shades…
– and it’s like, a different kind of blue!


i missed portugal during summer time.

4 strings to “a different kind of haze”

  1. Swan says

    Is the sky so different in Shanghai?
    Is it because of pollution?

  2. paulo says

    blue skies in Shanghai are not very common, mostly because of the pollution. even when you can see the sky, there’s always a grey layer that makes the blue uniform and pale.

  3. Cristina says

    I’ve been in Japan for a month and the sky was blue often… i really, really, really miss japanese sky…

    I arrived here from Postcrossing, nice project, I love it :)

  4. Anna says

    Did you study chinese there?{:^)