it’s 6am. the sun is out and about for one hour and outside it’s already 30°c. down in the park i can see a bunch of old timers doing tai chi or playing badminton. and on the streets, streams of bikes and scooters ride in every direction.

yesterday she said that sometimes it’s still hard to believe we are in china. sometimes it’s not. :)

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  1. Helga says

    I have so much fun in postcrossing.
    You brighten up my life
    Wish you all the best!

    Sua amiga brasileira de uma ilha (Floripa)
    do extremo atlantico sul

  2. Barbara says

    Just found out about you and your site quite by accident. I’m writing from Atlanta, GA and found your postings of interest. I was fortunate to have been able to travel internationally growing up since my Dad was in the US military (Green Beret). I am now inspired to look for ways to expose my children to the great big wonderful world and I think your postcrossing site would be an excellent way to spark an interest outside their small corner of the world.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. Hairong Zhu says

    Thank you for your wonderful site!I’m just starting sending post card.I’m a shanghainese.It’s amazing to know you’re live in shanghai.Enjoy you life here.

  4. Anjing says

    I’m a new commer to Postcrossing. It’s so amazing!
    And it’s unbelievable to know you are in Shanghai,my hometown! Wish you have a good time!

  5. joyce says

    i was planning to thank you for your cool postcrossing site when lo and behold! you’re in shanghai too! tai hao le. i hope it has been an adventure for you both as it has been for me =) take care

  6. Vitor Castro says


    Gostei deste post…não sei porquê, cosigo imaginar cada frame.
    Estais a viver uma experiência bonita.

    Abraço grande, para dois “true hearts”.


  7. Zimaer says

    Haha , Chinese people like to get up early and go to bed early .. (not all , but it’s a nice tradition) , unfortunately many young people don;t do it that way now :(