for those who don’t keep an eye on my synapse bar on the right side, i’ve been working on this last months on relocating to shanghai. after my abroad experiences in the netherlands and in the united states, the obvious step is… asia: my mom and i don’t exactly agree on this detail though.

holding hands with my special one, we’ll be flying this weekend to the largest chinese city. besides the new jobs, a cryptic language, new foods, new habits, a whole new culture waits for us. that and a city that has almost twice as much population as our home country.

perhaps because the cultural chock will be bigger than ever, this time there wont be an upper bound on the period i’ll be there. more importantly maybe, there is a lower one: 1-2 years. this should not only put things in the right perspective, but also be enough to properly evaluate this step and not make decisions on first impressions.

i’m going there to explore and to learn, to grow.

3 strings to ““oops!… i did it again””

  1. Pedro Queirós says

    You did it again and you’ll never stop! Once you start “doing it” it will be hard do get back to the origins…

    I wish you the best in shangai. For you and for Ana. You know I do!


  2. Carm Scott says

    Best of luck to you on your new adventure.

  3. chamki says

    All the love luck for you and your special one!