“I feel like if they could be easily explained in the space of an interview, then there’s no reason for them to be songs, you know? There’s a reason they’re confined by that particular creative space, it’s like they have to be songs, you can’t explain them that way.”

joanna newsom

here is how i try to describe her: get a mix of björk and kate bush voices, the sweetness of a lisa ekdahl and add an harp to the plot. yes, an harp – forget the orchestral and medieval sides of it: joanna newsom puts much more value into it creating a whole new music style with the blend of an harp and her voice.

at first, her voice makes you giggle, and it’s likely to raise an eyebrow. and then, you are simply addicted. at least that’s how it was with me back in 2004, when she released her first album milk-eye mender;and last week i was lucky to see her live, singing & playing songs from the upcoming new album ys, to be released this nov. 14th – it overcome all my expectations.

if you like alternative styles of music, please consider trying some tracks by her.

One string to “milky moon”

  1. Bo Yi says

    Hello Paulo,

    I am a student correspondent for a Chinese local paper in Singapore. I would sincerely hope to interview you on the Postcrossing project you started, so that I can promote this great idea to more people here.

    I’ve sent an email to you at webmaster@postcrossing.com. It will be great if we can do the interview next week or so.

    Thank you very much and have a great day ahead.