a couple of days ago, during an airport check-in, i found out that yahoo travel had been kind enough to sell me two (e-)tickets for the price of one; that would be really cool, if they weren’t both for that same exact flight. anyway, it wasn’t a too serious mistake, until my flight companion (we booked together) found out that yahoo didn’t got any ticket under his name at all. he was not very fond of that.

and me neither, when the same exact thing happen to me on the return trip. hurray to e-tickets.

ps: san francisco was great though: more on that soon :)

2 strings to “e-trouble”

  1. Goddess In The City says

    etickets are certainly convenient but I’ve had more trouble with them–seats assigned to me and to someone else usually. glad to hear it worked out.

  2. duarte says

    I’m glad you were able to get here. :-)