• Do you still remember how fun it was to run after a bouncing ball? Now imagine 250.000 multi-coloured bouncy balls running down the street. That’s the new Sony commercial and even has an website for itself with the full length commercial, making of, mp3 music and lot’s of goodies – a must see (via ensaio geral).
  • In my blog feeds I’ve a special category for blogs that I only visit for the pictures. Cute Overload is my lastest addition and match’s exactly that section, but be warned: you might be tempted to run to the nearest pet shop after visiting it.
  • And speaking about cute things, if you think a rabbit is no more than a fluffy little animal or that at most, it can be a pet: you are completely wrong. They can do a lot more than that. Rabbit hopping seems to be quite a popular sport in Denmark which holds the honorable world records for rabbit long and high jump, 300 and 99.5 centimeters respectively. If you think it’s a joke (I did at first), have a look at their performance, and if you ever consider getting into it seriously, here is a place to start.
  • And to end, two brilliant ads for some reality check.

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