Getting home soaked from the rain or being almost run over by swarms of bikes are things nobody wishes for their vacations. Well… I do. And if I add to that the wandering through the streets, the walking by the dutch canals, driving a bike to everywhere, witnessing and feeling a different culture – that can give me a natural high, and no – I didn’t went to the coffee shops. :)

Moreover, to get to know people from all around the world and live with them, again, in an exchange student spirit, swapping awareness of different realities and ways of thinking, stretching and breaking the boundaries that a settled mental string can easily create, both in the differences and the similarities – and smile at how well everything mixes… Oh, and vla! Vla was the cherry on the top of an already perfect vacations.

Hokey, an houseboat dinner, stroopwaffles, homemade vla, crazy Italians moo-ing on their bikes, v&d, stubborn bike locks, vla, dark mysterious toilets, snel trains, strippenkaarts, vla, tips.NL, tschuess papa and vla – I told you before about vla, right?

Twelve days scattered between Groningen, Amsterdam and of course, Utrecht, were enough to make a breakpoint on my life and put myself together. I believe I needed this to strength old convictions and decisions regarding my future; there seems to be an haze in this country that gets into my head and changes it’s pace and granularity. Finding a way to move abroad is becoming an even higher priority.

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  1. ana says

    :) glad you enjoyed it here!