Tomorrow by this hour, I’ll be on the Netherlands, having my first real vacations in four years :-) After five exhausting years fighting to finish my graduation, I’ll finally have a break, now that my six month internship is over. And I can tell you this for sure: postcrossing has been helping keeping myself sane and to keep my goals intact all through this last months. More than ever, I really needed something to give a meaning to all the bits&bytes, and the huge stack of cold mnemonics that I have to deal daily on my profession. Postcrossing has made this for me – it kept me smiling in the end of the day, nonetheless the constant time juggling to find bits of free time for me and my friends in the between. It worth it all the way.

So for next days, I’ll be on a far far away country visiting friends, places and reviving the old erasmus spirit that I long for so much. Altogether, I’ll be displaying again mine and ana’s photo exhibit tips at the Groningen University. (I miss shooting, me and my camera, – we’ll get even this holidays :D)

On my return, I’ll be starting on a new job, hopefully, more interesting than the previous one – I’m still firm on my decision to go work abroad, but until I find something suitable, I must have a way to pay my bills. (gosh! I start to sound like my father on this one.)

5 strings to “holidays, at last”

  1. Pedro Silva says

    Dude, your site appear yesterday on BBC World in the show Click Online.
    Check this out:

    E Boas férias ;)

  2. Aklanta Kalita says

    hey buddy…I bumped at your creation, thanks to BBC Click online…I am really amazed and I have sent five cards of my quota…THUMS UP…

  3. brunnolou says

    xim xim or! até na BBC!
    aconcelho-t a começar a querer ganhar dinheiro com o postcrossing! olha experimenta por o google adSence? vc ja pensou nisso? olha temos q combinar akilo do design! aparece no msn ;-)

  4. Suresh s says

    wow what i say man. you have good ideas.what types of book are you referring
    if you are doing any project on java do inform me.
    currently i am working on Server(Chat)

  5. Lady M. says

    I wish you have a lot of fun in The Netherlands. Unfortunately I choose a poor wether to come over. The cold set in earlier then last year, which made me use the bus a month sooner. Allthought that has also something to do with the fact my son is freezing cold on his bike, he bumped against a wall, because I his hands were to cold to use the brakes. *sigh* kids ;o)
    Don’t know how long you plan to stay, but with a little luck, we’ll be having a white christmnas :o)