• learn first aid
  • use public transportation
  • get fitter, feel better
  • shop locally
  • brew your own wine or beer
  • love a pet
  • watch less TV
  • cut your own hair
  • go to the top of a tall building and look at the view
  • take time to listen
  • play a musical instrument
  • tell someone you love them
  • ride your bike
  • walk in the snow
  • arrange flowers (practice ikebana)
  • hold a free concert
  • take up culture jamming
  • use a mug, not a plastic cup

This are the tips tips :), or on other words, it’s the names of the photos which are (still) being displayed at barcode. Another tip which was almost included was do something you think you are unable to and was meant to be a photo of the exhibit itself, as none of us (me and ana) ever imagined to be doing a photo exhibit one day. It could be one of this.

It feels funny, having people looking at my photos. Not just people, but complete strangers, who might have complete different ideals on photography, art or simply decoration. Eitheir way, the small sized photos on their white A4 frames have produced the intended effect and I grin when I see people bending over or strechting to try to have a closer look on them… I can’t help myself picturing white thought balloons over their heads, and judging from their faces, most of them have a ‘?!‘ written on it. :)

Tips has been my most recent pet project, side-by-side with another one I’ve been cuddling on’n off since last december and which is still cooking – I’m just working on the last details and hopefully it should go online in the next few days. As a teaser, it’s called postcrossing and the goal is to allow people to receive postcards (paper, not electronic ones) from random people all over the world, for free. Stay tunned.

One string to ““do something you think you are unable to””

  1. a sabe quem says

    está tudo bem,, menos a questao do vinho/cerveja proque sou abstémia, e o cortar o meu proprio cabelo.. porque ja sabes como é o meu corte.. uma tesourada em falso e Zás.. maquina zero para solucionar o problema. quanto ao resto : sim senhor.. não ha nada com oandar de comboio, fazer compras no comercio tradicional, ikebana é o máximo dizer a quem amamos o que nos vai na alma ( ta em standby agora mas é bom sim senhor) e acima de tudo amar os nossos pets! é pura amizade o que eles nos dão. amizade, ternura, inocencia, carinho, frontaliade, honestidade..

    uma boa lista sim senhor. é o que eu digo.. este inginheiro sabe dizer umas coisitas:P