Did you got mad at your hair or what?! Not really. But that was the barber reaction, when I asked to shave my hair off. I wonder what he would say if he saw me a few hours before, when I had a huge beard covering the rest. You sure? I was.
After a few months letting my beard grow, I decided that this time of the year would be the best time to shave it. And why stick with the beard? The hair went off as well and now my head looks like a ball. :)
And what’s the people reaction? Oh well, it varies. From Oh my god! and a grin, to uncontrollable laugh… What seems to be common is the question: don’t you have cold? sure I do – now I look scarfs in a completely different way while I’m reinventing the headscarf concept. :D

9 strings to “bowling bald”

  1. Darae says

    oh my god. didnt recognize you. the thing is: do you really feel better with the new haircut? ;)

  2. Jorge Laranjo says

    Fuck off dude!
    I did what?
    Ok! Enter the new year without beard and hair. That way all the rest is profit ! :D
    You’re smart!

  3. paulo says

    If I ignore the cold (wish isn’t that much anyway) and taking into account that I save on shampoo and on time (no combing) I can say it’s fine; I don’t really care that much about it, as long it’s pratical.
    Plus, I like to see people reaction to the change :)

  4. serennablack says

    Well,new year, new life!Well done!


  5. booklover says

    He he, I want to see you as soon as possible. Will I recognise you? I wope so… good luck for exams

  6. booklover says

    sorry, hope, not wope. my english is not very good!

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